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I’m Afraid: Can Systematic Desensitization Therapy Help Me?

Systematic desensitization therapy is a therapeutic approach that combines relaxation with exposure therapy. If you have specific phobias, you’ll benefit from this form of mental health treatment. People struggle with fears. Think of the quote from Dune by Frank Herbert, “Fear is the mind killer.” Phobias can take over people’s lives. If they can work… Read More »

Bluebird CEO defends $1.8 million gene therapy price — ‘It’s really thinking about it differently’

Bluebird Bio CEO Nick Leschly on Friday defended the biotech company’s $ 1.8 million price tag for its new gene therapy to treat a rare genetic blood disorder. Bluebird’s therapy, Zynteglo, was approved in Europe earlier this month for patients with beta thalassemia who require regular blood transfusions to manage their disease and have no… Read More »

Novartis slaps $2M-plus price tag on newly approved gene therapy Zolgensma—and cost watchdogs approve

Industry watchers have been speculating for months about just how high Novartis would price gene therapy Zolgensma on approval—and just how payers would cover it. And with the FDA’s green light, they now have an answer. The Swiss drugmaker will roll out the drug, a one-time treatment for pediatric patients less than 2 years of… Read More »