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I’m Afraid: Can Systematic Desensitization Therapy Help Me?

Systematic desensitization therapy is a therapeutic approach that combines relaxation with exposure therapy. If you have specific phobias, you’ll benefit from this form of mental health treatment. People struggle with fears. Think of the quote from Dune by Frank Herbert, “Fear is the mind killer.” Phobias can take over people’s lives. If they can work… Read More »

A final HealthNewsReview.org report card from 3,200+ systematic reviews of health care news stories & PR releases

In 2005, as I began building HealthNewsReview.org, I got permission from Dr. David Henry of the Media Doctor Australia project to adopt their news story review criteria. In the ensuing 13 years, no one has ever placed in front of me a solid, specific suggestion for a better set of criteria for reviewing stories about… Read More »