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Here's a grassroots way to rethink security when working with cloud vendors

Many hospital security and legal teams embark on a painful process every time they evaluate a cloud vendor. Think gnarly spreadsheets or lengthy questionnaires that the vendors struggle to complete and, even when they do, the results don’t necessarily deliver what the customer actually needs to know about protecting sensitive data in that particular cloud.… Read More »

Ready to get your hearing tested? Here's why you may want to bring someone with you

Good for you. You knew you weren’t hearing as well as you used to and scheduled an appointment with a hearing care professional. Just by taking this small step, you’re already part of a savvy group of people who proactively take charge of their hearing health. A family member can offer useful inputat a hearing healthcare… Read More »

Here's Why Meghan Markle's Recent Top Knot Hairdo Has Got Everyone Talking!

Meghan Markle rocks a top bun and black ensemble (Photo Credits: Twitter) Meghan Markle has managed to spark debate among British royals yet again. The Duchess of Sussex and her fashion choices have been a talking point among the Englishmen as they find it absolutely unlike a royalty. While usually, it’s her clothes and the… Read More »