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Food and Health, Dedicated to dentistry – Coeur d’Alene Press

William “Bill” Chetwood retired from dentistry in 1991, but by no means walked away from his chosen profession. The longtime Lewiston resident and community volunteer stayed active with the Idaho State Dental Association, serving on several boards and committees and also lending his time as a mentor to young up-and-coming doctors of medical dentistry. That… Read More »

Nutrition: Even identical twins respond differently to food – Medical News Today

The largest ongoing study of its kind finds that people’s responses to food vary depending on a wide variety of factors. The findings suggest that the future of nutrition lies in personalized dietary advice. New research shows why doctors need to personalize nutritional advice. Despite repeated public awareness campaigns and official dietary recommendations, the obesity… Read More »

Veganism: Why food choice can spark rage

Vegetarianism and veganism are growing in popularity. In this Spotlight, we ask why these dietary choices can ignite rage in some meat eaters. The answer, it seems, is complex. As veganism becomes more popular, we need to ask why some find it so distasteful. Currently, vegetarianism and veganism only account for 5% and 3% of… Read More »