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A nine-year old girl created a GoFundMe page for her father who has incurable cancer

Girl, nine, whose father is terminally ill with cancer shares emotional video asking for donations to help ‘keep her daddy for longer’ – after he was refused the treatment on the NHS Eleanor Jameson, nine, from Northumberland, is trying to buy ill father time David, 46, has an incurable form of blood cancer and was… Read More »

Better screening for lung cancer

By examining blood samples and tumor tissues from patients with non-small-cell lung cancer, investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have identified markers that can distinguish between major subtypes of lung cancer and accurately identify lung cancer stage. Their proof-of-concept test accurately predicted whether the blood samples they examined came from patients with shorter or longer… Read More »

How being a female tech founder prepared this CEO to fight the medical system when she got cancer

Leila Janah, a social impact entrepreneur, was diagnosed with cancer at 36 Leila Janah Leila Janah, 36, thought she was doing everything right. She started two tech companies with a strong sense of social mission, and she balanced that by exercising every day, eating well and seeing the doctor for regular check-ups. The last thing… Read More »